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Penis Enlargement Techniques Took A Licking To Each Other

30 March 2008

Penis Enlargement Techniques Took A Licking To Each Other
“Like what you see as much as I do?” he smiled, asking me directly, his hand never stopping from pumping his now erect cock in his right fist.”Get on your knees sexy. I want to fuck you.”We both spun round to see a rather plain looking man in a beautifully tailored suit reading a magazine, and peering over his distinguished specs at us.Just as Carol started to contract all her muscles and cum, the first guy behind us yelled that he was cumming. The second guy in her mouth pulled out to make room, and Carol, shaking and shuddering sexily from her own orgasm, jammed his now spurting penis deep into her mouth and sucked and gulped for all she was worth. God it was hot!Anyway, I was now on my knees in an adult theatre, being slowly but wonderfully fucked by a stranger, who was holding me firmly by the hips, his cock pushing in and out of me with the rhythm of a pro. His thrusts were delightfully deep and thick, but he was also in control, and not simply looking to get his rocks off as fast as he could, which I admired, given the intensity of the situation we were in at the time!I loved it!We finished our drinks and hit the pavement again. About a kilometre round the corner, Carol stopped me.”Shit Carol, did you hear what he said?” I asked her.”Actually, yes” I replied. “It’s not bad at all.”"Yep. I can’t believe you knocked it back! I’d be all over it like a rash” she said, the fire in her eyes revealing a side I hadn’t seen in ages.About ten minutes later, we were almost to the end of Bourke Street, when Carol spotted the adult cinema. We came across a really nice lingerie shop that was still open. Taking me by the arm, Carol said, “Come on Dee. Let’s find Steve a sexy present in here.”

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