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Huge Black Dicks Paige’S Men

28 March 2008

Huge Black Dicks Paige'S Men
As they watched she found herself sneaking closer and closer to him and letting more and more of her thigh show through the slit. She caught him glancing over at her a couple of times. Looking at his lap she swore she saw a bulge in his loose fitting trousers. Casually she placed a hand on his thigh. He did nothing to push her away so she began slowly caressing his leg.Bill came across Paige on all fours in the living room trying to get a stain out of the carpet. The sight of her big ass waving in the air was more than he could take. Quietly he came up behind her and clutched the waist of her shorts and ripped them and her undies down to her knees. Startled she yelled, “What the fuck; oh hi daddy. Can I do something for you?From Paige’s prospective this was just fine as she enjoyed their Saturdays together and was relieved to find that they had decided to make an excuse to keep getting together when the season ended. But, her daddy was still her favorite.Every Saturday for the rest of the football season they got together to three hole Paige. She got better and better and after a couple of weeks was able to show them some new ways of doing things. The guys didn’t engage in any gay behavior other than the ass kissing and an occasional mouth. They rationalized that a mouth was a mouth and a asshole was a asshole. They never let things go any further and hadn’t back in the old days. Their thing was the complete conquering of the girl.”Oh, big daddy, what are you going to do?”"Yes, sir, I was.”Spreading her legs even further apart for him she replied, “Daddy it hurts down there. Oh yes, please kiss it and make it stop hurting.”"What do you think of them, sweet daddy?” Paige smiled up at her daddy very sensually. “Magnificent baby, but now lay down on the couch and suck daddy’s cock. Stop when I tell you to or you will be in big trouble, understand?”

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