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14 Year Old Average Penis Size Brittany’S Strapon Hell Week 01

24 March 2008

14 Year Old Average Penis Size Brittany'S Strapon Hell Week 01
A few hours later I was awakened to sharp pain in my nipples. Mistress had decided to wake me by giving alternating sharp bites on my sensitive nipples. As much as I wanted to scream out, I bit my tongue and took my punishment. “Good morning slut. Here’s the plan. Go in the bathroom and prepare yourself as I have instructed. I have to get ready myself. “Mistress, I’m so confused,” I stammered. “I loved every minute of it…up until the end. I think I was hoping that they were actually men.” Thinking back on it, I had also reached a new level of submission on that plane ride. I had knelt beside the woman who had just fucked my ass, and without being ordered, had learned over and taken her cock in my mouth. I recall at the time, only wanting to please my mistress as I bobbed shamelessly on her shaft, to the amusement of the other mistresses. I had just joined the mile high club with Mistress Angelina Jolie, though not in the way you would think. She had violated me with a fist-thick strapon in the airplane bathroom, then paraded me in front of the other passengers back to the first class area, which was full of mistresses. I was being rammed so hard, that the dick in my ass came out, momentarily leaving me empty. With that, I reached back between my legs, grabbed the cock, jammed it back into my asshole, and took off for the ride. I put my left leg up on the ottoman, and grabbed the back of my ankle with the palm of my hand, looking back lustily at my assailant as I did so. Not satisfied with my performance, I put my leg down, and grabbed both my ankles, bending myself clean in half, and flexing my ass to milk the cock inside of it. It pulled out and erupted all over my back, and down between my ass cheeks. I reached down between my legs and licked some of it off my index finger.

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