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Penis Erection Anita’S Sexual Adventures

20 March 2008

Penis Erection Anita'S Sexual Adventures
After that night things were not the same at our house with Ma being gone. I had become the fuck toy of my Pa and brothers. The three of them would take turns with me from one day to the next. The oddest time was when I was in the kitchen getting a drink of water. Pa came up from behind me at the sink and cupped my breasts while he poked his erect dick at my ass. He then moved me over to the kitchen table where he bent me over and undid the snap on my pants. My pants were quickly at my ankles while Pa fucked me from behind. No sooner was Pa done when Steven jumped in and fucked me, and then Billy played caboose. I got trained by my own family and did it feel good too. Billy had me there. I guess they would have never believed I got lost going to the bathroom. I didn’t say anything. Billy pulled me toward the center of the room where all three of them gathered around my naked body. I was trapped. My folks were out and if I yelled only Steven would come to my rescue and that wouldn’t help me at all. That would be just one more hungry cock to satisfy. The big pass around, breast, and genital touching session ended when Billy placed me on his bed. I laid there spread leg and naked as Billy’s tongue lapped my pussy. Chester and Daryl gave me a breast massage.

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