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Average Penis The Dresser Files

18 March 2008

Average Penis The Dresser Files
“Oh, I feel so good and sexy.” he said strutting around his room. “And excited?” I asked. “Yes, very excited.” he said. “I will have to get used to walking in these shoes though.”"Let’s go to your room.” I said standing up and pulling my pants closed. I took his hand and we walked downstairs. I walked him over to the bed and had him sit down. I sat down beside him and kissed him. He let my tongue invade his mouth and caress his tongue. “I am going to love you now.” I said. I continued to kiss him and slid my hand down his leg and up under his skirt. He moved his legs apart as my hand moved up his leg. I felt the silkiness of the stocking and then the warm dampness of his bare thigh. He shuttered as my hand crossed his thigh and touched his panty covered cock. He was hot and hard. I could feel a damp spot on his panties from his pre-cum. I stroked his cock through his panties as he moaned into my mouth. I broke our kiss and pushed him back on the bed. I pushed his skirt up, pulled his ass to the edge of the bed and pushed his legs apart. Oh god he looked good. Lying there in the black stockings and panties, legs spread apart and his cock pushing against the black silk. I kissed his stocking leg and up to his thigh. I licked and sucked on his soft moist skin. I drew my tongue over his damp flesh and up to his panties. I sucked the head of his cock through his panties. I could smell him and Jan on the silk. His hips rose to press his cock against my lips. I sat back on my legs and pulled his panties down. His raised his hips to help me pull them over his ass cheeks. Once down his legs, I pulled them off and threw them on the bed. I felt it coming. My cum was ready to explode. Explode in this young virgin’s mouth. I humped my cock in and out of his lips. He was getting hotter and began to frantically suck my cock. He pulled his mouth off my cock and looked up at me. “I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to taste your cum,” he said turning back to my cock and sliding it between his lips. I reached down and held his head and began pumping my cock in and out of his mouth. He slurped and sucked. Wetly. Hotly. Then, I felt my balls tighten and my cum rise up my shaft. He gagged a little as I filled his mouth over and over with hot sweet cum. He sucked and swallowed. It seemed he could not get enough. He was possessed. Sucking and pumping my cock to get all of my sperm, he moaned loudly. He wanted all of my hot juice. His lips were coated with my cum. Drops hung from his chin. God, he was good. I have not cum that much in a long time. Anyway, here I am on a flight to good ole Texas. Let me step back just a little. About a month ago I wrote a story about my crossdressing, my first fling with a man and posted it on a website. I got a lot of feedback from it. One especially intrigued me, so I returned her email. We communicated back and forth over the weeks. I had a business trip out to Texas, so I told her I would stop by to see her. She said that would be great. So here I am. Thirty thousand feet in the air, drink in hand and heading for Tejas.

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