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Big Gay Dicks Threesome

14 March 2008

Big Gay Dicks Threesome
I was really enjoying the conversations, and I was really beginning to think seriously about fucking both men at once.A few minutes after we began our chat, I received another message. Again I checked the profile, was pleased and returned his message. I was now chatting to both men. They both told me that they live locally and that they were both dominant top men, and they were both horny and needed to screw a horny girl like me tonight.Just then, I tasted Jason’s sperm in my mouth. Without warning, he was shooting cum at the other end of my body. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, and shot another burst all over my face.I was in ecstasy. I could not believe how turned on I was, having two men cum on me and in me at the same time. Both men, laughed, and stood up,Mike was the first to arrive, he was so hot. He stood in front of me, and said to turn around. As I did, he trailed his hands across my pale skinned body, and said very nice. When I stopped, he put his very strong hands on my hips, and pulled me close to him. He leaned forward and kissed me. As we continued kissing, his hands made their way up and under my skirt. This wasn’t very hard, because it is incredibly short.Jason said wow, you are hot, I replied by thanking him. Even though he didn’t ask me to, I spun around for him, I just love the way it feels when a mans eyes are affixed to my body!They both seemed interested, and I started a private chat, just the three of us.Jason was now pushing me down. Mike caught on, and also pushed me down to all fours. Mike stopped licking me as Jason pushed his dick back into my mouth. As I started sucking his cock again Jason moaned, and encouraged him to just fuck the slut.

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