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Small Penis A Four Day Escape

2 March 2008

Small Penis A Four Day Escape
Since the pool was in working order, we swam naked and played in the water until evening. After dinner Renee told us that we each were going to get our favorite sexual fantasy fulfilled.Chad and I took the pool cover off and began cleaning out the place and getting it back to working order. Amy and Renee swept the deck. I was pleased to see our naked bodies all outside working together looking like Greek gods and goddesses painted on an ancient urn.That evening after unloading our supplies we sat down for dinner. I suggested a plan to make our stay more interesting. Each of us in turn would be “king” or “queen” for the day. His or her reign would begin in the morning and last for 24 hours. Everyone would have to obey the ruler though we couldn’t inflict pain on another. Everyone thought that sounded like fun and Chad raised a glass of wine and toasted “to the new kings and queens and their subjects, and to a merry time”. After we all drank to that he nominated me to be the first king.When we were done I noticed that Amy was the only one without an orgasm. Chad sent Renee and me to clean up breakfast and the two of them went back to the living room couch and he ate her like he had done two days ago.I was still sitting at the table watching the spectacle when Renee came over and sat down straddling one of my legs. I could feel her wetness as she ground her slit onto my thigh. I was quickly getting hard watching her and feeling her on my leg. Renee took my hardening dick into her hand and squeezed hard. She then stood up and straddling the chair I was sitting in sat down on my dick facing me. I couldn’t help but suck on her breasts which were right in front of me. Chad watched us for a few minutes then directed me to continue having sex with Renee right there but with her standing up leaning over and facing him so he could watch her face during climax.

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