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Massive Cock And Mother Makes Four

28 February 2008

Massive Cock And Mother Makes Four
Marla put down her glass of wine and reached over, trailing her hand along Penny’s arm and down to her hand. She took the glass of wine from Penny’s hand and set it on the end table. Penny looked at her with a half smile on her face.Marla gently spread Penny’s pussy lips and flicked her tongue along the inside of her neighbor’s pussy. Penny nearly jumped out of her skin with the initial contact of Marla’s warm tongue on her pussy. It had been years since anyone had eaten her pussy and she just couldn’t believe the feeling of Marla’s tongue.This is the eleventh chapter of the series, “And Mother Makes Four”. Chapter ten has Deborah’s brother Steve getting seduced and learning more about the sexually charged family next door. In this chapter Steve and Debbie continue their adventures with the sexually charged neighbors and Penny lets her hair down with Marla. I have continued to write this story because of all the positive feedback that I have received from many readers and the encouragement to continue with this theme and characters. I have listened to your suggestions and I try to incorporate them into the writings. Thank you all who have commented and have encouraged me to keep writing.Penny thought again that she should stop Marla but it felt so good and she had been so starved for attention that she let it continue. Plus she thought to herself she could always stop Marla before she went too far. Penny moaned loudly and arched her back as Marla moved her hand under Penn’s shirt and raked her nails across the woman’s belly. Marla reached behind Penny and with one hand expertly unhooked her bra. The Marla moved her hand up and cupped Penny’s bare breast allowing the roundness to fill her hand. She rubbed the pad her thumb across her neighbor’s bare nipple and felt the electricity that flowed through Penny’s body. Marla pushed the shirt and bra up over Penny’s chest and lowered her mouth to suck in her nipple. Marla gently nibbled on Penny’s hard nub sending chills throughout the woman’s body. Penny groaned aloud with desire.Marla slowly took her hand and stuck her finger inside Penny’s sopping wet pussy. Marla slowly worked it in and out finger fucking her and then she added a second and then a third finger to her neighbor’s cunt. Penny’s hips bucked up against Marla’s hand as if she were trying to get the entire hand in her pussy. Marla wrapped her lips around Penny’s clit and gently bit the nub as she continued to finger fuck her. Marla felt Penny’s body quiver and her pace quicken against the intruding fingers. Marla flattened her tongue and increased its pace on her neighbor’s clit causing Penny to start moaning again and lifting her hips off the couch. Marla took this opportunity to seek out Penny’s asshole. She got one finger soaked with Penny’s cunt juice and teased her anal opening. Marla continued to add more and more of Penny’s natural lube to her ass and then pushed in her finger a little deeper each time. Soon Marla had her middle finger buried all the way in Penny’s asshole and she finger fucked both the woman’s ass and pussy together. “Joannie my pussy is on fire. I need to get off soon,” Debbie pleaded.Marla moved her hand and gently patted her stomach. “Oh we are just getting started, we are not even close to being done,” she said softly. “Now just lay back and enjoy.”Marla then trailed her tongue down Penny’s breast and stomach and dipped her tongue into her belly button. Marla continued to run her hands over Penny’s thighs and gently brushed her fingers over the sopping wet material of her panties. She could feel the moisture soaking through Penny’s panties and smiled to herself in victory. Her tongue continued to roam across Penny’s stomach and Marla let her fingers dance on the woman’s panties emitting more moans from Penny.Marla smiled to herself in conquest and slowly withdrew her tongue from her neighbor’s pussy. She was not done by any means yet but she would let Penny take a few minutes to recover. As Marla felt Penny’s body relax and sensed her relaxed state, she slowly ran her tongue up the inside of her pussy and Penny jumped with surprise.

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