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Picture Of A Small Penis Andy And Liz

20 February 2008

Picture Of A Small Penis Andy And Liz
All this dirty talk, the cunt surrounding you, the cock in your ass, the strange man hand fucking his dick - it’s too much, and you slide back into that orgasmic bliss you so desire, into a long series of cums, one following so quickly after the other that they blend and blur, as does your mind, and you are gone, somewhere, yet very much in the moment.After so many orgasms, and so much fucking and sucking, you finally speak.”Liz, lower your cunt on her face. Feed her some of that puss of yours. Andy, you can watch and jerk off. Because now, babydoll, I am going to fuck that tight, dirty asshole of yours. That’s what you really want, isn’t it? To have a big, fleshy cunt in your face, and a cock in your ass, and a man standing over you, jerking off and watching you be a complete fucking slutwhore.”Her words, the sight of her full body, your Daddy’s my cock in her cunt, and Andy’s in yours is all so perfect, and you fall into a prolonged and intense orgasm that causes you to whimper like an infant. You fall backwards onto Andy, and he leans forward and begins sucking - sucking hard - on one of your nipples. Before you know it, Liz is sucking on the other one, I’m standing over you, with a glistening cock in my hand.You moan a yes, and bring your other hand down to your clit, which desperately needs rubbing. Looking back, you notice that Liz has now taken Andy’s cock out of his pants and is giving it some nice, long strokes with her hands. Your eyes meet Andy’s, and then you turn your gaze to Liz.

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