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Mega Cock Cravers Every Inch A Soldier

18 February 2008

Mega Cock Cravers Every Inch A Soldier
He heard her muttering, “Yes yes Jack, Jack, Fuck me.” Tommy had no idea that women used such words even when wanting it. The man lifted himself up and Tommy had another view of the woman’s cunt. It was red and pink and seemed to be pulsing. then the bloke fed his hard dick into her. Her quim swallowed it up and they started to fuck. As far as Tommy could see the bloke had not worn a french letter and Tommy wondered if he would pull out and spray it on the ground or on the woman. He watched as the chaps balls swung to and fro, to and fro faster and faster as the grunts from them both became faster. Suddenly the woman let out a great “Ooh Yesssssss, yesss” and “Now now now Chuck… Nowww oooooooh yesssssssssssssssss.” The man slammed his dick hard into her and with the toes of his shoes punching into the ground he obviously shot his load inside her cunt.Every Sunday Tommy took himself off for a walk, somehow his mother appeared to prefer that he left her alone on Sunday afternoons.As they got to their feet Tommy glanced up at the woman …and froze.. “Oh God…Mum… oh wow… mother…” he almost shouted, he had seen his mothers cunt, watched her fucking, had become so excited he had shot his load without touching his own cock…Suddenly she found herself walking upstairs as quietly as possible. Silently approaching Tommy’s bedroom she noticed that the door was not properly shut and that there was a light on. Being careful not to make a noise or touch the door she looked through the gap. What she saw made her gulp and lick her lips. She knew she should walk away but she couldn’t. Tommy was lying on his bed playing with that immense cock which seemed bigger than when it was poking out of his dressing gown. She realised it was bigger and thicker and he had unfastened his pyjama trousers. His long thick dick with its shiny purple red head rose out of a thicket of black curly hair. His balls were on view too.”It’ll be OK love, I’ve got a frenchie here (a condom) Eh Jean I’ll get lovers balls if I can’t fuck you.”it was at that moment that a gust of wind from the open window behind her swung the door open. There she stood, two fingers up her cunt whilst her son startled into instant shock, froze.It was the summer of 1947 and Tommy Walsh was just 18 yrs old. He was expecting to receive his Call Up Papers for service in the army at any time, but had elected to volunteer in order to join his father’s old regiment, The Middington Volunteers (69th regiment of Foot). His father, Major Wallace (Wally) Walsh. MC had been killed in France in 1944Then, “Oh Tommy have you fallen; are you alright. Just look at your knees. Golly, you must have fallen in a muddy patch they look as if you have been crawling around in them.”Tommy ran upstairs thinking that he wasn’t surprised she had had a bath after fucking in the woods.” He then did something he afterwards thought of as shocking and exciting. He looked in the laundry basket. There were a pair of his mothers panties in the basket and when he picked them up he could see the gusset was wet with ‘cum’. Yes, it had been his mother fucking not someone who looked like her.

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