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Lowtax Penis Keeping It Close To Home

8 February 2008

Lowtax Penis Keeping It Close To Home
We haven’t discussed a repeat performance yet, though I do look forward to the day. After all, my mission in our lovemaking is to always make sure Kate is totally satisfied, and she certainly did that night.David turned into the driveway just as I was pulling the steaks off of the grill, so we greeted each other and went in the house, and, along with Kate, enjoyed a nice quiet dinner and a bottle of wine. By the time we finished dinner and cleaned the dishes, it was almost 9:00 p.m., so rather than watch another night of boring television, we decided to open another bottle of wine and break out the playing cards. Kate and I used to play Gin Rummy all the time, before the kids came along, and she would usually beat the hell out of me at it. We played a few hands, and pretty soon the wine had disappeared. Kate’s tolerance for alcohol has always been extremely low. It had always been a running joke between her and I, that, after one wine cooler, she was “good for the weekend”. That Friday night, the wine had loosened her inhibitions quite substantially, as she started joining in with mine and David’s sexually oriented jokes and comments. We kept up the sexual banter, and had a lot of fun. I didn’t give it a second thought, as I knew this was where Kate always drew the line. When David jokingly suggested we play strip poker, and Kate agreed, I was caught off guard. I must admit, I was skeptical of her intentions, as I knew she would never follow through with it, especially since she didn’t know much about poker to begin with. With that, Kate snatched up the cards and began shuffling the deck. As she dealt, I continued to watch her, looking for clues about her intentions. “Five card, deuces wild” she said, as she laid down the remaining deck. David and I were still watching her to see what would happen next.

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