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Lowtax Penis Billy

4 February 2008

Lowtax Penis Billy
Maria put her hand between her legs and slowly massaged herself, moving her hips and making quiet little sounds of pleasure. There was a noise and something landed on Maria’s thigh and stomach, she sat up quickly and reached for the object.Maria Sanchez displayed the kind of classic beauty that some Spanish women have in their youth and with only some does it last for more than a few years. Her shiny black hair and the almost black glistening round eyes in the center of a perfectly oval face seemed to be created in the mind of an artist. With perfectly formed lips and a firm full body, Maria was an exotically beautiful young woman, marred by terribly hard eyes and a voice that could cut a man to ribbons.“Son of a Bitch! What kinda whore chu got here? You think I won’t do it? I show you how it’s done!”He lay down on me and touched my chest and kissed my belly and my neck and then put his hand between my legs and I screamed when he put his finger inside me. After a minute he got up on his knees and took his pants down and held his thing in his hand, showing it to me. The other boys pulled my legs apart and I screamed and screamed when he pushed inside me and kept pushing and pushing. One by one, each of the other boys did the same thing. I knew them all; we had been playmates as children. One even said he was sorry but he had to do it like all the boys did.
“And stick it up your ass, Hombre? No fucking way, not in a million years. Now maybe if you had a sweet little bitch here, I might think about it. What?”MARIA Another quick intake of breath as Billy continued, “The Police Chief and the County Sheriff also know about the two men but not where they are buried. They also have a suspicion as to who killed them, but they don’t want to know and they have no investigation underway or planned. The three other men are in prison in another part of the State. They confessed to killing two girls who have been missing and several other robberies and assaults.”“Absolutely certain, Julie…Maria.” He answered.
“Take your clothes off, Maria.”Julie was on the telephone at the same gas station, it was the third time she and Billy had talked since Maria left the hospital. “Billy, I’m so naïve about a lot of things; Maria said something a couple of times about, ah…well, I’m so embarrassed. Damn! I’m going to talk all around it and let you help me explain it. Will you help me?”After many long minutes of planning and disagreement and planning again, they finally had an idea of what to do. “Yes, I know it is important; an old black car at the side of the library, after dark. She’s not to try to see the driver, put the blindfold on and leave it on until the car stops and the engine is turned off…right, I know all that. Okay…and, uh, Billy, can you get those things we talked about, y’know? Okay, bye, love you, bye.”Both girls laughed and hugged each other and giggled lightly and then it was quiet again.

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