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Small Penis Pics Basement Sluts Vol. 07

2 February 2008

Small Penis Pics Basement Sluts Vol. 07
“Ummmm. For Emma. I’ll say 50 grand an hour,” Freddie said smiling. “Unless that is too much for you boys to handle. I know she’ll been done having you guys cumming in 5 minutes each. No one has ever lasted that long with Emma.”"This is some good shit Shawn. We never had a girl with milk in her boobs before,” said Josh excited.”Well. Because. Only the finest American or foreign guy can afford her. She has the biggest set of tits in Iraq. She’s not like any of my other girls. She is very special to me. She doesn’t get laid like all the other girls do everyday. It’s maybe been 3 months since she last saw a dick other than mine of course. But I don’t fuck her. I don’t want to mess up my own product. She’s very pretty and fragile. I know you guys think that all Iraqi girls are ugly and that is why they wear them scarves on their faces?” Explained the guy.”You do?” Said Josh in a surprise tone.”Well boys. They know if they want the goods, they can’t fuck with the supplier. Now can they?” Freddie said smiling again. “Now. Do you guys want to see Emma before you make your decision?” Emma moaned and grunted as she came again from his cockhead fucking her nipple. He then did the same to the right breast, slapping his cock and even his balls on it. “How much?” Asked Josh shaking nervously.Emma crawled over to him and started sucking his cock. Her cum and milk stained tits dangled off her chest and swayed with her rapidly sucking Josh’s medium size dick.”You act like we’re going to live in Iraq forever,” said Josh.”Maybe as clean as us. I don’t know about you,” said Shawn.”Deal,” said Josh letting go of Shawn’s mouth.Emma took as much as possible in her mouth. Coating his cock with heavy saliva as it lodged itself completely in her mouth. Her mouth was down at the base of his cock and her chin rested on his sweaty balls as she sucked on the whole cock in her mouth. She didn’t gag or choke or anything. Josh was surprised at that and so was Shawn.”Well mad cow is going to have to wait for now. We’re only here for 2 weeks man. You’ll live. Plus, I don’t think they would bring us out there in the middle of the war anyways,” Josh said.”Um…Yeah. I said pussy. Is it a crime around here to say pussy?” Asked Shawn.Shawn took off the mask around her mouth and Freddie was right. Emma was very gorgeous. Her lips were nice and medium sized. Shawn knew he couldn’t fit all his cock between them, but he knew it might get lost between her giant tits.”Call me Freddie. Ready Freddie,” the guy said smiling, showing off his golden teeth with his name in diamonds on them.”A free trip where?” Asked Shawn.

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