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COCK Billy

28 January 2008

COCK Billy
She had resisted and argued but finally, without any hope, agreed to do as Julie had asked. She found herself sitting on the padded floor of a dark room somewhere in a house, somewhere in the town. The car had driven round and round and up and back for more than ten minutes before finally stopping. She could be anywhere.“What? Why you stopping? You no like it?” She felt it being withdrawn and laughed. “That’s it? You came? Chu feenished already? Oh, you poor leetle boy, a nine year old nino’ could do better than that. What a waste!”After many long minutes of planning and disagreement and planning again, they finally had an idea of what to do. “Yes, I know it is important; an old black car at the side of the library, after dark. She’s not to try to see the driver, put the blindfold on and leave it on until the car stops and the engine is turned off…right, I know all that. Okay…and, uh, Billy, can you get those things we talked about, y’know? Okay, bye, love you, bye.”Julie was on the telephone at the same gas station, it was the third time she and Billy had talked since Maria left the hospital. “Billy, I’m so naïve about a lot of things; Maria said something a couple of times about, ah…well, I’m so embarrassed. Damn! I’m going to talk all around it and let you help me explain it. Will you help me?”It was quiet for a moment, “Maria, I listened to Julie. She needed to talk about what happened to her, it helped. It might help you, I…”“No, Maria, it was me, Billy never touched you. But I didn’t like it either. When I touched your hips and your waist and your breasts, your skin was so soft and smooth and no muscles and no hair on your chest and it just didn’t turn me on at all.”Following Billy’s advice, Julie took Maria home with her and kept her in bed. Molly stayed and they alternated so that Maria was never left alone. After a day and a half, Maria talked a little to Julie, but only a little. Julie was shocked and blushed deeply at some of the things they discussed and began to realize how she had been sheltered from such things most of her life. But she did get some ideas. “Ah…yes…you kinda like that too, huh? You cunt! Good! Well, here, take this and this and…” Maria stopped moving and pushed up with her hands, resting above the body beneath her. “This is no good for me. I don’t like doing that to someone, even if they did it to me a thousand times. I don’t like it.”“Julie, my best and only true friend, please turn from me and look away. I know you will hear, but if you are not looking at me, I will feel that I can look upon you without shame.Maria put her hand between her legs and slowly massaged herself, moving her hips and making quiet little sounds of pleasure. There was a noise and something landed on Maria’s thigh and stomach, she sat up quickly and reached for the object.“Maria,” said Billy, “You and Julie have been friends for several years. I remember seeing the two of you together walking through the streets and in the parks and near the library many times. You seemed to be happy until not very long ago, perhaps last year after school started. Can you tell me what happened? Can you explain the sadness and resignation I hear in your voice? Please try to help me understand.” “You said you wanted to be a man,” said Billy, “Go ahead, put it on.”

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