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Teen Penis Size Stacked Shelley’S Nude Beach Trip

22 January 2008

Teen Penis Size Stacked Shelley'S Nude Beach Trip
“If I tell her to make you come, what will you do for me?” she said. The two of them started laughing about that visual image. I knew they were talking about me. Almost as if they knew I was there. Then a minute later, I heard my name. I smiled at him and said “How was the water?” as if we were the only two people there. Me with my voluptuous rack and him with his donkey dick. “Pretty fucking cold,” he said, eyes glued to my chest. To tease him I turned over on my stomach and stretched out. “Sweetie, can you put some sunblock on my back?” “That girl Shelley acts like such a bimbo with her big tits,” Bettina went on. “She’s always sticking them out like ‘Look at meeee!’. I feel like telling her how dumb she looks. And it’s not even attractive. Did you see the way Alex kept looking at your cunt all day? He was hard as a rock.”“Well, he’s hung like a fucking horse,” Bettina said. “I was rubbing his cock through his towel with my toes, and it felt like he had a baseball bat in there. I know he doesn’t really care about that bimbo—in fact, he and Dan were in the club the other night, watching my ass, and tipping me big-time.”At the same time, Jana began kissing and biting the back of my neck. The feeling of her soft, hot body against my backside was gorgeous, especially in contrast to the pain I felt in front. She moved me away a little so that it didn’t hit me directly. A lot of people have asked if I’m bisexual. I guess I am now, although I never used to identify that way. This story tells about my first sexual experience with women. Since then, I’ve had many, of course. The combination of fear and desire rendered me helpless. “I’m just a dumb big-titted slut,” I cried. “Please fuck me. Please let me lick your pussy. Let me be your big-titted bitch!” “That’s it Shelley-slut. Lick my twat, you big-titted dyke bitch! Fuck me with your tongue that’s it…Uuuhhhghh! Oooohhhgh! Uhhhghhhm! Fuck me….Fuck me, OhMYGODDDD I’m gonna cooo..Euuughahhghgh! Yessss!”This one day, we were meeting a bunch of his friends at the beach. They were skaters, rock musicians, motorcycle guys, and wild girls. One of them, Bettina, had been bitchy to me in the past, and I worried that she’d be there. Sure, enough, she was. I didn’t understand why she’d taken a dislike to me. She was this sexy brunette with short hair, and into these classic San Francisco interests—she was a stripper, a massage therapist, and a welder. She rode a motorcycle, too.

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