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Shaved Cock The Ivory Club

20 January 2008

Shaved Cock The Ivory Club
Although she was not seeing Charles today, for some reason she felt compelled to dress in a way that Charles had ordered. He had earlier ordered her to dress like a slut whenever she was going to be in his presence. And it would appear that even when Jane was not due to be with Charles, she felt obliged to dress in a way that she knew would please him. It was as if she always had to be dutiful to her ultimate black Master. Also, she had begun to enjoy the looks she got. She always did get appreciative looks from men since she was stunningly beautiful – often confused for a blonde Natalie Portman. But now the stares were different, especially from the black men, they were one of pure unadulterated lust. They gave her looks like they were all wanted to fuck her there and then and to show her no mercy. Jane loved it. It was perhaps not the appropriate way to look when you were going to confess your sins to Father Jones but since her initiation into black cock, Jane loved looking like a whore, even in God’s house.But then in an attempt to reassure herself, she realised how utterly silly she actually was. Father Ambrose was one of the most respected priests in New York, he regularly appeared on the news and was a rising star in the church. There was even talk of the Vatican promoting him to become a Bishop and then who knows? He was the perfect man to confess her wicked sins to. Despite being big and black, he was a man of God and could be of no threat…His first foray into what was now forbidden pussy, was only 3 months after he had taken the sacred vows to become a priest. He had taken confession from a young schoolgirl, aged 16, who had confessed to giving her boyfriend a blow job. She was a delightful little thing, the image of Britney in her prime. The good Father could not resist and it was not long before he had instructed her to allow him to come to her house for some private counselling. Naturally her parents were not at home.With haste he suggested to Father Jones that he take the rest of the day off, he could take care of things. Father Jones was delighted, he was an old man and got tired very easily. As such, he left the poor Jane alone with the sinister Father Ambrose.”Who was this man?” “F-Father I have slept with a man who is not my husband”.She swore she could hear a groan next door, but said to herself that she must have been mistaken.It was a quite a story and one that may be told in full another day…A few minutes later, she should could hear, but not see, someone enter into the booth next to her. After giving the Father a few seconds she began:”So my child, you displayed your underwear to another man in the presence of your husband?” Father Ambrose was impressed with Charles’s work. The humiliation of the husband and the complete control over his wife was impressive stuff.Here was a stunning young white wife, making a confession that she was craved black cock to a black priest who specialised in the seduction of white women. What a great day, Father Ambrose thought.

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