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Shaved Penis Wife Turns Slut For Husband

18 January 2008

Shaved Penis Wife Turns Slut For Husband
It was like being center ring at a three-ring sex circus with nobody performing in the other two rings. I was on a constant roller coaster ride of bliss, and I had yet to even feel any of their cocks. A quick look to the side showed me that Jamul was being very attentive to the video cameras taping everything that was going on on my marriage bed. And so with just their lips, tongues, and fingers vying for my full attention I just gave myself over to each sensual moment.My pussy was creaming big time by then as both men in my bottom set up a rhythmic in, and out dance that had me feeling as if one never ending dick was fucking me down there. The taste of the cock in my mouth while slightly cheesy wasn’t all that bad gliding over my tongue, but it made me gag every time it went down my throat until I got used to swallowing along with it.“Damn Jamul!” Jimmy gasped, and scooped me up in his arms, “You weren’t kidding about how fine she was, were you.” Then looking straight at me: “Baby, you’re in for the treat of your life,” and his thick lips touched mine so that I was swallowed up in his kiss. One hand cradling my ass, the other now fondling my breasts, he carried me up the stairs to the master bedroom with the twins, and Jamul with a camcorder close behind us.I turned my head, and looked square in the face of yet another big black cock. It was semi erect, and uncircumcised, with the foreskin looking like the chewed up end of a nasty old cigar. And in as much as I was feeling pretty nasty at that moment what with all that other big black cock stretching me out below I opened my mouth to let it in.To say that I felt sluttish at that moment would be an understatement. I was a complete whore for these men, and we all knew it. And I immediately began to lurch to, and fro between those three big black dicks as I flew over the first peak into the deep wide open bottomless pit of multiple orgasms. My body bucking, and tossing like a lifeboat in a storm tossed sea as they fucked me into oblivion time and time again, changing holes like musical chairs, and cuming in, or on me wherever they chose. In effect using me as they wished, and I wanted, and believe me, I wanted.And truthfully, I did understand. Billy was quite beautiful for a woman, even with that dinky little dick, and shriveled walnuts between his legs. His feminization was now complete. It’s funny how life turns out sometimes. This had all started because Billy had begged me to fuck other men so that he could enjoy watching, and here I was enjoying watching him get fucked by other men.“Fuckable?” I finished for him.“I guess that settles it then,” Jamul laughed, then threw a vicious hip wrenching plunge burying every inch of his mammoth slab of meat into my pulsing core, and giving my unborn child a sperm bath to play around in. “We’re pregnant!”“Oh yeah, baby,” and he grabbed my ass to pull me in close, “and so much more.”“I know,” and I felt myself blushing beet red with anticipated humiliation knowing what fait laid ahead of me.In fact I became so enamored with Jamul’s loving, and his big black cock, (BTW; You’ll probably see the words big, black, and cock quite often from here on in.) as well as his wit that when Jamul suggested getting a few of his black friends together to gang bang me I instantly agreed. Of course the problem, (And isn’t there always a problem?), that came up was in timing the get together so that all of the participants were available at the same time, including me, and Billy. As things worked out it took almost three months for Jamul to make it all come together. By then Billy’s feminization had become a fait accompli. Not that we’d given him great big boobs, but they were more than a “B” cup, and his hips, and derriere had taken a decidedly feminine swish, as well as a subtle tight roundness to it. His body hair was all but gone now, and the hair on his head long enough to put up in curlers, or a bun. The only thing he had left to remind him that he was a male was his dinky dingy now, and we called it his over grown clit.

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