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Cocks John Joins The Boys

16 January 2008

Cocks John Joins The Boys
With that we decided to get a snack and something to drink as we were all kind of dry from all the activity.Mona had said john was paying a lot more attention to her sexual needs lately. He looked as if he had lost some weight also.AAAhhh shit that’s not fair you know how that brings me off real fast. But you do love it don’t you I replied.*****“We have some stakes to grill dad if you would like to stay for supper.” I said.Its really no big thing, I stated. We aren’t gay or anything but it is fun to have different types of experiences. We don’t hide our activities from the girls and they don’t hide theirs from us.We ate in an informal mood talking about work and such for a while, of course as with all men after a while the talk turned to sex and John commented that he had to start going to the gym to keep up with Mona lately.

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