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Monster Cock My Boyfriend &Amp; His Best Friend

4 January 2008

Monster Cock My Boyfriend &Amp; His Best Friend
“Celina, my little slut…” Allan moaned and slapped me across the chest. I flinched, and I could feel his cock pulsate, and feel his hot cum squirt in me. We cleaned up, and I sat there stunned. Then I turned and smiled to both of them. Allan took my hands and kissed my forehead and my cheek where he had slapped me. He asked if I enjoyed that, and I nodded my head. He kissed me again, and I smiled at Jeff, and mouthed the words “thank you.”I’ve been with Allan for over 2 and half years. We met by chance through some friends and we hit it off wonderfully from the start. The sexual chemistry between us was more than intense. I was a virgin at the time, and always promised myself that I would be with someone for a long period of time before, I let them fuck my virgin pussy. With Allan, it was different, within a week; he was fucking my twat raw every night. I love his 7′5″ inch cock. I love the taste of his cum. I love the feel of it in my pussy. I love the way it fills me up. To be honest, I love him a lot. Although lately, I’ve noticed a lot of sexual energy building between Jeff and I. “You skank, walking around in that little dress, teasing your boyfriend’s best friend!” Jeff rammed his cock in and out, over and over again, as he yelled at me; “You can’t just tease grown men like that bitch!” “Woah there baby girl!” But he grabbed me and began to grind his hips into mine.

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