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Uncircumcised Penis An Ancient Seed Re

28 December 2007

Uncircumcised Penis An Ancient Seed Re
She didn’t answer, instead just focusing on Billy’s cock in front of her as her heart raced, her loins became wet and hot and her small nipples curled into tight buds. She glanced up at his face, and whereas before she had seen contempt, smugness and malevolence, now she saw lust, raw and pure, and she felt overwhelmed by the feeling.Noreen swallowed nervously, but shook her head. Billy noticed her lips were smeared with thick saliva and what was most likely pre-cum as well, and hoped that Xiao wouldn’t notice.It was warm, and sticky and so delicious to her… She felt some of the globs he had shot on her face sliding very slowly down onto her neck and shoulders, but much of what he had put there remained in place, so thick and sticky after having sat in his urethra for so long that it was almost like glue.”William-” she began, but he cut her off, putting his right hand on her small breast and squeezing it gently as he grabbed the back of her head with his other hand and kissed her aggressively. He fondled her breast and moved his tongue around in her mouth this way for a bit and then pulled back from her, breaking off his kiss and taking his hand off her breast but keeping his left hand tight around her bun. Taking his cock in his right hand, he pulled her down and toward him while moving his cock into her mouth, as he had done with Noreen earlier.She did this until her left hand was covered in his shiny, clear pre-cum, spreading it even on her palm and the skin between her fingers. When her hand was completely covered she switched her grip and began rubbing his pre-cum up and down his cock, slathering it with its own lubrication before returning to masturbating him. The effect was immediate, and Billy grunted with the sudden feeling of the lubrication on his cock, reminding him of how slippery and tight the pussy of that bag lady (or whatever the hell she was) had felt when he’d fucked her. “William, I’ll let Noreen know when to send you in.” She said as she closed the door behind her.She sat before him naked, save for her glasses and the bindings holding her hair in a bun. “Have a seat, William. I’m going to have your dean on the telephone shortly and I want you to be here as I let her know of your deplorable attendance. I don’t think she has any idea just how lightly you take your academic career.” She said, looking back down at her desk, this time opening her desk drawer and taking out several sheets of paper with what looked like attendance information written on them.”Hello?! Is this professor Xiao? Professor, are you in danger?” Came the loud, forceful voice on the other end.As soon as her fingers closed around his cock her hands lost all hint of unsteadiness as the energy pent up from her arousal now had an outlet. His cock was very warm to the touch and she could feel his blood pulsing within as she tightened her grip on his shaft, making the smooth, purple head bulge and darken heavily in reaction.

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