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Dear Penis Ambushed

26 December 2007

Dear Penis Ambushed
I thought about it and agreed, after all, I knew him right? Wrong. He picked me up at the airport that afternoon, a fat balding old guy, just like his pictures. He was nice enough and seemed truly amazed that I was as attractive as my pictures, and even more amazed that I’d actually showed up. We made small talk as we waited for my bag to come down with the other passenger’s luggage. He seemed tame enough. He had told me what a great time we’d have, he’d show me around and we’d have fun.I got onto the bed as I was told, lying on my side with my legs crossed, looking at them. They were all standing at the foot of the bed watching me, their hard cocks pointing at me. Jack told me everything would be fine, just let them have some fun with me that night and they would let me go in the morning, Tom would drive me to the airport.Tom went to his duffel bag and pulled something out and threw it on the bed, it was a big flesh colored dildo. Jack ordered me to fuck myself with it while they watched. They brought chairs around the bed as I propped myself up with some pillows, lying back I pulled my knees up and spread my legs as they all watched.Jack stood up suddenly and began undoing his belt, he nodded to Dale and Tom and they followed suit excitedly, wasting no time. The three of them stripped down and I was surrounded by three flabby naked old guys with raging hardons. Jack and Tom had big cocks, Dale was average, I didn’t know what to do, I just sat there, what could I do, and there was nowhere to run.It suddenly dawned on me that no one knew where I was and these guys could kill me and no one would ever know. I was scared. Their eyes were devouring me.

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