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25 December 2007

Circus Penis Keeping It Close To Home
At this point, I figured things could only escalate from here, so, being the next dealer, I changed the rules to give the winner of the hand the privilege of issuing instructions to the “losers”. With a little “dirty” dealing, I was able to win the hand, and already knew what I wanted them to do. “Kate, get up and sit in David’s lap and kiss him”, I said. I knew that her inhibitions were gone when Kate gave me a “watch this” look and went over and plopped in David’s lap and began to kiss him feverishly. She would continually drive her tongue deep in to his mouth, as he would return the favor in kind. David, being the smart guy that he is, took advantage of the situation, and began to fondle Kate’s beautiful tits. He would roll her nipple between his fingertips as he continued to kiss her. This apparently struck a hot button with her, and she began to moan and writhe in his lap. At that point, I suggested we go to the den to continue this adventure. Kate and David reluctantly broke their embrace and followed me, where we spread a few blankets on the floor and lit some candles, to create the atmosphere that we always preferred when the kids weren’t home and we had run of the house.David and I quickly removed our remaining clothes, and I looked up in time to see just a hint of reservation on Kate’s part. The look soon disappeared when she saw David’s “bend” for the first time. His dick, like mine, was about seven inches long, and fairly thick. As we pulled Kate down to the blankets, David immediately pick up where he left off, kissing her and fondling her tits. After about a minute of this, he broke the kiss and moved down and began sucking and licking her tits. At this point, my dick probably could have penetrated marble, as the scene before me had me about to shoot my load, and I had not even been touched. I had to sit back and watch for a little while, as I was very curious about how Kate would respond. She began to moan, then looked up at me and smiled. I knew things would only get better from here. As David moved further down her body, she beckoned me over and told me she wanted my dick in her mouth. By the time she had engulfed my dick, David was hungrily eating her pussy. He broke away just long enough to offer his amazement at how wet her pussy was. Kate writhed on the blanket, as David ate her pussy and she sucked my dick. Kate and I often experience simultaneous orgasms, and this time was no exception, as all of this soon proved too much for both of us. As I began to come in Kate’s mouth, she began to buck, slamming her pussy against David’s mouth. David didn’t miss a stroke, as he continued to lick her clit and stick his tongue up in her pussy. As she began to come down from her high, she gave me a look of satisfaction that I’ll never forget. One thing I can say about Kate, she has never been shy about swallowing my come, and this time was no different, though she did show it to me a few times before swallowing it. I have always though this display was extremely erotic.

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